I am a freelance photographer based in Austin, TX specializing in live music photography. With five years experience covering live music events I have recently expanded into sports photography for various local newspapers.

During college I frequented the many live music venues scattered all over central Texas until one day everything changed. Having brought a camera to a small dimly lit show at the Saxon Pub on South Lamar I came away with a couple of rolls of film containing grainy dark photos that would forever change the way I experienced live music.

Nowadays it’s hard for me to go to a live show without my camera in tow, and when I don’t have my camera I’m still constantly analyzing the lighting and angles as if I were photographing the show.

Sports has become a natural extension to the photojournalist inside me. I’ve recently covered football and basketball games for local newspapers and hope to continue expanding more into sports photography.

I’m currently available for a wide range of freelance assignments, from newspaper and magazine coverage to marketing and publicity photos.

All photographs © Will Rodgers